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Projektni biro Split

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About Company

In November 1962, Projektni Biro (The Project Biro) was established under the firm Hidroelektrane na Cetini (Hydroelectric Power Plants on Cetina) as an independent manufactory responsible for designing electrical power structures. Image

 Projektni Biro was founded by trained staff who gained their experience while preparing and constructing hydroelectric power structures built during that period (HPP Peruca and HPP Zakucac). Their aim was to procure and make all necessary documentation for the construction of new hydroelectric power sources.

 In October 1967, Projektni Biro became an organizational unit having its own accounting (i.e. profit centre) as a part of the company Elektroprivreda Dalmacije Split (Dalmatian Electric Power Industry Split) responsible for the production and transfer of electrical power. Moreover, in March 1971, Projektni Biro was recognized as an independent legal entity which is the basic organization of joint work, as a part of Elektroprivreda Dalmacije Split.

Image In August 1990, on the legal grounds, Projektni Biro became the organizational unit of Hrvatska Elektroprivreda Zagreb (Croatian Electric Power Industry Zagreb). This organizational unit was called Projektni Biro Split by the statute of the Croatian Electric Power Industry.

The privatization of the Projektni Biro Split was carried out according to the decision of the government of the Republic of Croatia concerning the privatization of public companies’ parts. Projektni Biro Split is a company 100 % privately owned.
Projektni biro Split d.o.o. is registered as a company dealing with designing and engineering.